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Paul Visco
24 Linwood
Buffalo, NY


To be the CIO of a healthcare organization.

About Me

I am a dedicated, accomplished executive healthcare technology leader with a background in systems architecture and technology development. I thrive in an environment where I have creative freedom in solving complex problems and where saving money is a priority.

Technical Skills

  • Application Development and SDLC
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Cybersecurity Expertise
  • Data Management and Analytics
  • IT Operations Management
  • Health Information Systems and Electronic Health Records
  • Enterprise and resource planning
  • IT Infrastructure and Cloud Solutions
  • Systems Integration
  • Knowledge of Health Tech Regulations (HIPAA, HITECH Act, etc.)
  • Technology Risk Management
  • Server and Application Support

Leadership Skills

  • IT Strategy and Planning
  • Problem-Solving, Innovation and Creativity
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration and Team Leadership
  • Executive Decision-Making Skills
  • Change Management
  • Budget Planning and Financial Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Vendor Management
  • Negotiation and Persuasion Skills
  • Disaster & Crisis Management

Professional Experience

VP/Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Roswell Park Cancer Institute - February 2019 – Present

  • Leadership: Oversee ~100 employees including clinical, enterprise, technology development and digital transformation applications teams.
  • Advisory Role: Played a key role in high-level policy and decision-making by actively participating in boards and committees, contributing valuable insights to shape organizational strategies and drive innovation.
  • Streamlining operations: Implemented strategies that resulted in improved efficiency and productivity within the clinical, enterprise, technology development, and digital transformation applications teams, leading to optimized workflows and enhanced overall performance.
  • Technology Modernization & Digital Transformation: Orchestrated the implementation of Microsoft Office 365 and real-time collaboration tools, revolutionizing communication and collaboration practices, fostering a more agile and productive work environment. Lead BYOD rollout.
  • Patient-centric approach: Successfully directed the development and rollout of all patient-facing technologies including successful CRM and MyRoswell patient portal implementation. Developed a custom Chemo-chair entertainment system.
  • Data-driven decision-making: Oversaw the development of data warehouse and availability of standards driven analytics tools, enabling data-driven insights and empowering stakeholders with accurate and timely information to make informed decisions.
  • Mobile innovation: Led the development of mobile applications, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and user-centered design principles to deliver intuitive and feature-rich mobile solutions, enhancing user experience and expanding reach.
  • Successful ERP implementation: Led a cross-functional team to oversee the technical aspects of a major Workday ERP implementation, collaborating closely with HR, Finance, and Supply Chain departments to ensure seamless integration and improved business processes.
  • Disaster preparedness: Collaborate closely with the infrastructure and information security teams to develop robust disaster planning strategies, ensuring business continuity and minimizing potential disruptions to critical systems and operations.
  • Major Projects: Overseeing technical side of major Rev Cycle (Billing/Scheduling) implementation.
  • Pandemic Technology Solutions: Successfully oversaw the creation of pivotal technology for vaccination clinics, real-time analytics, and patient safety measures, ensuring the safety of our customers and employees in an unprecedented and constantly evolving landscape of regulatory and clinical guidelines changes.
  • AVP Technology Development and Acquisitions

    Roswell Park Cancer Institute - 2018 – 2019

    Overseeing Technology Development and Acquisitions Dept team of 28 employees with additional contractor support staff.

    Responsibilities include previous responsibilities from Executive Director role in addition to:

    Executive Leadership

    • Participates in Executive decision making as part of Technology Advisory Board with CISO, CMIO, CIO and institute boards.
    • Exhibits operational and executive leadership to maintain a culture of reliable software installation, upgrade and design, including all major clinical and enterprise vendor systems
    • Oversees Directors of Clinical and Enterprise Applications
    • Oversees the technical management of all Customer Relationship Management tools

    Executive Director Of Technology Development and Acquisitions

    Roswell Park Cancer Institute - 2017 – 2018

    Overseeing New Technology Development and Acquisitions Dept.

    Responsibilities include:

    Leading System Architecture and Advanced Software Engineering Team managed by Senior Systems Architect

    • Assists Senior Leadership on quantifying the return on investment of build vs buy on a project by project basis.
    • Establish policies, procedures (SOPs) for coding and software development.
    • Oversight of internally developed communication tools and platforms
    • Lead development initiatives under aggressive deadlines with both internal and external resources.
    • Collect, size and prioritize requests for software development from departments and divisions across the organization.

    Improve Patient Engagement/Experience Via Online Communication and Media Technologies and Platforms

    • Develop technical strategy and platforms to enables RPCI to deliver a best in class experience for our clients, patients, and their families.
    • Working with CMIO and Marketing & Communications Department to provide top notch online access to patient health records by architecting and overseeing the following technologies and platforms:
      • Secure Health Conversation communication platform allowing patients, caregivers and authorized users to communicate with institute staff.
      • Clinical Health Information delivery system allowing patients, caregivers and authorized users to view and interact with their lab results, vitals, clinical summaries, media library, and health information.
      • Patient education delivery system allowing patients, caregivers and authorized users to receive targeted patient educational material online.
      • Patient survey delivery and information collection via patient portal integration with RedCap survey system.
      • Patient schedule/patient task reminder system.
      • Patient communication telehealth video conferencing system.
      • Patient realtime health device information tracking.
      • Patient OpenNotes - delivering a higher quality, transparent patient experience by giving
      • patients access to clinicians' notes via the OpenNotes concept, managed by CMIO.

    Data Warehousing, Intersystem Communication/Interfaces and API Development

    • Architect and oversight of secure, fast, scrubbed, centralized data warehouse used for analytics, and to support the development of vendor agnostic custom software solutions.
    • Assist and oversee the creation of data warehouse dictionaries, user guides and code documentation.
    • Oversight over architecture and technology used for internal APIs to tie existing systems together using standards compliant languages and technologies.
    • Oversee architecture of authentication and permission based APIs for accessing patient clinical information and other sensitive information.
    • Work with Legal team on developer and end user agreements and terms of service for the use of these tools.
    • Identify business opportunities where the data warehouse and API technologies can allow 3rd party developers, contractors, and partner organizations to create applications which interact with our customers and their data in a secure, auditable and granular, permissions-driven manner.
    • Work with IT Security on the securing of these APIs and data sources. Monitoring systems for inaccuracies and anomalies and notifying the responsible business owners/subject matter experts where appropriate.

    Architect Software Solutions To Promote and Support New Business Opportunities and Clinical Growth - Provider Portal, Payer Portal, Partner Integrations

    • Provide top notch online access to patient health records for 3rd party providers and business partners using the following via MyRoswell technologies and platforms:
      • Patient demographics viewer
      • Patient clinical information viewer
      • Payer audit tool
      • Community provider communication
      • Tumor board review
      • Patient second opinions

    Optimizing Operations - Reduce Costs by Identifying Opportunities For Consolidation, Open Source Alternatives Technology or Increasing Automation

    • Driving LeanIT initiatives to identify and act upon opportunities for producing cheaper solutions, using free and open source technologies and maximizing interoperability.
    • Assist CIO with consolidation of overlapping technology platforms.
    • Work with CIO to identify opportunities where automation of business workflows using software solutions can create efficiencies and improve the bottom line.
    • Manage maintenance existing software built by the Web Team over time.
    • Identifying where funds are more appropriately spent on core technologies vs finished products - Example: buying general purpose badge-based location tracking system that can be programmed for multiple use cases vs buying multiple location-based finished products that do not integrate and are managed by different vendors
    • Identifying where money can be saved by adopting free and open source software.

    Determining, Avoiding, and Remediating Risk Associated With New and Existing Technology

    • Participate in audits, certifications and remediation of internally architected software solutions and provide necessary support for prevention and mitigation actions.
    • Review investigations after security breaches or incidents, including impact analysis and recommendations for avoiding similar vulnerabilities.

    Senior Systems Architect

    Roswell Park Cancer Institute - Marketing Dept - 2013 – 2017

    Heading up development in the Online Development Department.

    Responsibilities include:

    • Architect and program lead on in-house developed, meaningful use compliant patient portal.
    • Managing programmers and contractors as well as providing technical assistance for other departments programming staff.
    • Developing rich internet applications which support the hospitals function and staff.
    • Maintaining centralized web services with diverse data sources throughout the hospital IT infrastructure.
    • Maintaining a version control system.
    • Review code for security and performance issues before moving into production.
    • Architect and manage an internal custom web application based framework.
    • Managing 25+ Linux based web application and database servers.
    • Training other programmers.

    Programming Standards Architect

    Roswell Park Cancer Institute - IT Dept - Programmer Analyst - 2009 – 2013

    Developing code and maintaining standards within Information Technology Department

    Responsibilities include:

    • Developing rich internet applications which support the hospitals function and staff. Includes a major custom online collaboration suite used by thousands of users per day, an employee directory, and the employee evaluation system in addition to many other systems.
    • Maintaining a series of webservices to feed other applications data from diverse sources throughout the hospital IT infrastructure.
    • Maintaining a version control code repository and reviewing and managing other programmer's code and its deployment into production.
    • Maintaining an internal custom web application based framework.
    • Managing Linux based web application and database servers.
    • Training other programmers.

    Systems Analyst

    Roswell Park Cancer Institute IT Dept - Systems Analyst - 2007 – 2009

    Replacing existing ASP based applications with

    Responsibilities include:

    • Developing rich internet applications which support the hospital's function and staff.
    • Oversaw conversion from Windows ASP based programming to Linux/PHP.
    • Developed and oversaw automated encrypted data exchange systems between the hospital and other facilities.

    Programmer Analyst

    Roswell Park Cancer Institute IT Dept - Programmer Analyst - 2005 – 2007

    Developed rich Intranet applications to support hospital function and staff

    Oversaw conversion from Windows ASP based programming to Linux/PHP

    Multimedia Specialist

    Canisius College - August 2001 – 2005

    Worked as Multimedia Specialist in the Web and Imaging Lab in the Digital Media Arts Program at Canisius College.

    Responsibilities included:

    • Tutoring Digital Media Arts students in graphics design, web programming and 3D modeling week during scheduled.
    • Keeping up to date with the latest in media design software.
    • Consulting with capstone students developing their final projects.

    During my time as Multimedia Specialist I have also helped develop departmental forms, assisted other professors with technical consultations, made technology purchase recommendations, and maintained computer software builds with specialized DMA software.

    Language Learning Center

    Flagstaff, Arizona 1999 - 2000

    Responsibilities included:

    • Responsibilities included network administration of a computer lab with 25 Macintosh computers.
    • Designing a database to keep track of 15 professors, 7 languages and hundreds of students' work time through ID scanning system I created.
    • Also developed a custom print-disabled version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 for Apple Macintosh to reduce paper waste in the lab.
    • Set up numerous video based tele-conferences between Europe and Arizona.

    Personal Projects - 2003 - 2013

    Social Networking before Facebook. Conceptualized, designed and coded, a free Buffalo, NY community web site with over 1000 registered users and over 30,000 journal entries written. This digital public space brings local residents together by allowing them to share their local experience within the data structures of the site. Users can embed text, sound, animation, and video without having any web programming experience and without using commercial software.

    Docugen - 43 North Contest Finalist - June 2014

    Headed up technical development for the document processing company and made it to top 100 semi-finalists out of 5000 submissions in the 43 North competition.

    Responsibilities included:

    • Helping to complete business plan for Docugen.
    • Managing team of programmers.
    • Developing demo application for competition.
    • Managing Linux based web application and database servers.
    • Training other programmers.
    • Managing git based version control system


    • Employee and Large Multi-level Department Management
    • Enterprise Application Development and Management
    • Web Application Development
    • Database Management
    • Linux Server Management
    • Container Technologies and Virtualization
    • System Interfacing
    • API Usage and Development
    • System Certification
    • Code Review and Security Scanning


    M.F.A. in Media Studies 2002 - 2005

    State University of New York at Buffalo - Buffalo, NY

    Focus: Web programming for database driven online communities in addition to Virtual Reality/3D Modeling

    B.A. in German Language 1995 - 2000

    Northern Arizona University — Flagstaff, Arizona
    Honors: Delta Phi Alpha - German honor society member
    Certification: Zertificat Deutsch als Fremsprache - Goethe Institut
    Scholarship: Partial Tuition Scholarship Recipient
    GPA: 3.82

    Pedagogical Experience

    Canisius College - Adjunct Professor 2002 - 2005

    • Digital Media Arts 201 - Intro to Digital Media
    • Digital Media Arts 390/1 - Web Programming
    • Digital Media Arts 386 - 3D Modeling for Realtime
    • Digital Media Arts 388 - 3D Online Cartooning
    • Digital Media Arts 480 - Adv Web Programming

    temp:real at UB January – May 2004

    Instructor for temp:real, a course at the University of Buffalo about the temporary reality surrounding online 3D virtual environments. Developed a PHP/mysql based student content system which later became Students used this content management system in order to maintain an archive of their experiences in Linden Lab's Second Life environment.


    References available upon request